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Pleasure Seeker

Safe sex is sensational and should be as experimental as partners desire. Now Playboy has protection for all sensual possibilities. Presenting Playboy Condoms Pleasure Seeker.

Featuring a clean mint scent, these are designed specifically for top to bottom pleasure. Natural latex and a silicone lubricant ensure a good fit that feels remarkable. So whatever you desire and do, make it mind-blowing.

Play On.

We’re committed to products that make sexual intimacy safe, playful, and fun for all.

Created with pleasure and comfort in mind, the Pleasure Seeker Condom is extra lubricated with minty fresh premium silicone lubricant to help reduce unwanted friction and increase pleasure.  Our Pleasure Seeker condom is vegan, natural latex, and features a uniquely textured flare shape that gives you and your partner an extra sensational experience.




Respect your Partner(s).

Respect is essential in any relationship. While our message goes way beyond intimacy, the sure sign of respect starts with the highest quality products for intimacy, such as premium quality condoms and lubricants.

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