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Integrating the world’s finest manufacturing with skilled personnel.

With fully automated and semi-automated machines and equipment, production processes are kept under strict control parameters which are monitored and controlled through advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Programs to ensure only the best manufacturing practices and delivery of product to our customers.

Award Winning Leader in Global Manufacturing & Innovation.

From the locally harvested natural latex to the final product, Thai Nippon Rubber takes pride in every aspect of the manufacturing process behind Playboy Condoms and Lubricants.

Exceeding International Quality Standards.

Our partner and exclusive manufacturer Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public co., Ltd are not only one of the largest manufacturers in world, they go above and beyond other manufacturers with their dedication to providing only the very best, premium latex condoms and lubricants.


  • All condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability.
  • All condom types are tested for Bio-Compatibility according ISO 10993.
  • All condom types are subjective to periodic Nitrosomine testing.
  • All condom types are subjective to periodic Protein testing.
  • All condom batches are tested for leakage through the use of “Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment”

  • All condom batches are tested for burst strength and elasticity through the use of “Air Inflation Testing Equipment”

“A Global Manufacturing Powerhouse.” With the highest capacity facility in the world.


Over 1 Billion Condoms Per Year!

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