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Well Hung


Width: 60mm | Length: 180mm | Reservoir Tip | Natural Latex Colour | Lubricant: Premium Silicone

You’re kind of a BIG deal…

Go big AND go home.

Playboy believes in the pursuit of pleasure. All members small and large can enhance pleasure and enjoy safe sex. Respectfully and sensually. Introducing Well Hung Playboy Condoms.

This protection keeps every inch of users completely covered. Our peppermint scented condom size is our largest. Measuring 60mm x 180mm and made of natural latex it provides a snug comfortable fit. Coated in premium silicone lubricant for maximum, unbridled pleasure. Triple tested to provide peace of mind. So sensual thoughts can endlessly and freely roam elsewhere.




Unmatched quality standards

All condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability
All condoms are tested for Bio-Compatibility according ISO 10993
All condoms are subjected to periodic Nitrosomine testing
All condoms are subjected to periodic Protein testing
All condoms are tested for leakage through the use of Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment

Respect your Partner(s).

Respect is essential in any relationship. While our message goes way beyond intimacy, the sure sign of respect starts with the highest quality products for intimacy, such as premium quality condoms and lubricants.

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